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Solar Hot Water Heating



Firebird's Envirosol™ range of solar hot water systems represents the ultimate in choice and quality on the Irish market.

The Envirosol solar systems are available in both kit or component form and offer one of the widest choices available on the Irish market.
 Special Offer on Solar Panels

 Firebird Solar Heating System The benefits of using solar energy for hot water heating are immense. For one the energy source comes for free and research shows that solar hot water heating systems can deliver up to 70% of the hot water requirements for an average household. Investing in solar energy is an investment in the future of the environment and should add to the resale value of your property. By using solar energy to heat domestic hot water you will be helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while at the same time improving the energy efficiency, and potentially the value of your home. In particular solar energy scores positively with the new BER -Building Efficiency Rating scheme.

SEAI offer grant assistance under the Better Energy Homes Scheme for solar thermal systems installed on houses which were first occupied prior to 30th June 2008. Full information is available on the SEAI website…

The process of applying for grants has changed from previous "Greener Homes Schemes".  The householder/installer must apply online or call SEAI where the "Declaration of Works"
form will be issued.

Should you require any additional information, please contact our technical department or SEAI directly.

         Solar Water Heating System


    Solar Heating System

UK/Ireland Solar Map




                                   SYSTEM COMPONENTS




Heat Pipe Solar Collectors, Model TZ58


The TZ58-1800 heat pipe solar collectors are the latest addition to the Firebird solar range and offer an optimum performance to price ratio;  

• High build quality – aluminium manifold design, nickel plated condenser head
• Heat pipe technology - manifold can be installed initially and tubes added later during commissioning

Key collector data

• Absorption = >94% 
• Emission = <7% 
• Gross area          20 tube set    = 3.507m²  

                          30 tube set     = 5.005                 
• Aperture area      20 tube set   = 1.867m²           

                          30 tube set = 2.791
• Stagnation temp. 20 tube set = 200°C          

                          30 tube set = 200°C    


Click here to download specification sheet


Sales Code: SOL820VTS - 20 Tube Set
                       SOL820VTS - 30 Tube Set

  tz58 Heat Pipe Solar Collectors

Flat Panel Collector, Model CPK-7210

Premium quality flat plate collector design;
• Frame constructed from Aluminium, AlMg3
• High selective TiNOX absorber coating
• Copper piping ultrasonically welded to absorber
• 4mm toughened glass
• 40mm mineral wool insulation; U = 0.045 W/mK 

Key collector data 
• Absorption = 95% 
• Emission = 5% 
• Gross area = 2.170 m² 
• Aperture area = 1.798 m² 
• Stagnation temperature = 180°C + ambient temp

Click here to download specification sheet 

Sales Code: SOL100FPC

 Flat plate collector
Vacuum Tube Collector, Model CVSKC

The CSVKC collector is U-pipe direct flow tube type often called a ‘Sydney’ tube. Key features;

Consists of 10 co-axial glass tubes
Glass thickness of 1.5mm
Transfer manifold insulated with mineral wool insulation

Key collector data

  • Absorption = 96% 
  • Emission = 4%
  • Gross Area 1.8m²
  • Aperature area 1.59m²
  • Stagnation temperature = 286ºC


 Click here to download specification sheet

Sales Code: SOL150VTC

 Vacuum tube collector




On a Pitched Roof

Firebird flat plate and vacuum tube collectors can be installed on top of an existing slate or tiled pitched roof using our weather proof mounting frame kits. The kits consists of mounting rails, coach bolts, rubber seals and installation instructions. Available in 2 and plus 1 collector configurations.

Sales Codes:
SOL101FMT    Mounting kit - 2 panels - pitched roof
SOL103FMT    Mounting kit - 1 ext. panel - pitched roof


In-roof installation TILE roof 
(flat plate collectors only)

With an in-roof kit  flat plate collectors can be mounted on top of the roof structure. The panel is then set lower on the roof and allows for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The in-roof kit comes side, top and bottom flashings, collector mounting rails, coach bolts, rubber seals and installation instructions. Available in 2 and plus 1 collector configurations for flat plate collectors only.

Sales Code:
SOL511TRF Mounting kit - 2 flat plates in-roof, Tile
SOL112TRF Mounting kit - 1 extra flat plate inroof,Tile

In roof installation tile roof

In-roof installation SLATE roof 
(flat plate collectors only)

Similar to the TILE in-roof kit but includes a set of soaker plates to ensure a waterproof installation on slate roofs. Available in 2 and plus 1 collector configurations for flat plate collectors only.

Sales Codes:
SOL101FMT   Mounting kit - 2 flat plates, Slate
SOL103FMT   Mounting kit - 1 extra flat plate, Slate

Flat roof installation

Where solar collectors are to be installed on a flat roof or surface then the flat roof mounting kit is required. Flat roof kits are available for both flat plate collectors and vacuum tube collectors and come with mounting frame, coach bolts, rubber seals and installation instructions. Available in 2 and plus 1 collector configurations.

Sales Codes:
SOL102FMT    Flat roof kit for 2 flat plates
SOL104FMT    Flat roof kit for 1 extra flat plate

SOL152VMT    Flat roof kit for 2 vacuum tubes
SOL154VMT    Flat roof kit - 1 extra vacuum tube


Flat roof Collector fixings





Twin Coil Tanks:

The solar twin coil tank us used to store hot water heated by the solar system. The tank has two internal coils; the solar circuit provides heat through the lower coil while the back-up heating system (boiler) will heat the hot water via the upper coil. All Firebird solar tanks include an electric immersion as standard.  Firebird currently offers a 200 and 300 litre twin coil unvented solar tanks.

Sales Code: 
SOL215TNK           Twin Coil Solar Tank, 215 litres
SOL255TNK           Twin Coil Solar Tank, 255 litres
SOL305TNK           Twin Coil Solar Tank, 305 litres


Triple Coil Tank: 

A 300 litre triple coil open-vented tank is available with a 1" coil suitable for use with a solid fuel heating source.    


Sales Code: 
SOL305TTK           Triple Coil Solar Tank, 305 litres






Solar controller/Pump Station                                      

The Firebird solar controller incorporating the pumping station manages the efficient transfer of solar heat energy from the collectors to the water storage tank. The controller can also regulate when the back-up heating system should be activated.

The controller also displays key system data such as;

  • Collector temperature
  • Temperatures in upper and lower sections of tank
  • Activity of circulating pump & back-up heating system


    Circulation pump station behing the controller incorporates the key plumbing components of a solar circuit.
  • Circulating pump
  • Non-return valve
  • Flow regulator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Connection for expansion vessel
  • Filling points for solar fluid


Sales Code: SOL401CTR

Expansion vessels

An expansion vessel is necessary to absorb the expansion if the solar fluid when high temperatures are reached in the solar collector.
Available sizes are 24 and 35 litres.

Sales Codes:

SOL502EXP     24 litre expansion vessel
SOL503EXP     35 litre expansion vessel


Solar Expansion Vessel

Anti-scald mixing valve

Anti-scald (mixing) valve must be fitted close to the hot water outlet of the solar tank so that delivery to the taps does not exceed 65ºC

Sales Code: SOL504MIX

Air vent & Isolation Valve

An automatic air vent should be fitted at the highest point in the solar circuit system in order to remove air from the system during commissioning. The isolating valve should be fitted before the air vent and isolated once the system has been commissioned.

Sales Codes:
SOL501AIR    Air vent
SOL505STP    Isolating Valve

 Isolation Valve

Gylcol Solar Anti-freeze

The heat transfer fluid used in a solar circuit is normally a mixture of water and a polypropylene glycol anti-freeze. The glycol anti-freeze also contains an additive to protect against corrosion and evaporates at higher temperatures than water to allow higher system temperatures.

Firebird recommends a 40% glycol to 60% water mix to ensure frost protection to circa -25ºC.

Sales Codes:

SOL506FFL     Tyfocor L Anti-freeze - Flat plate
SOL507VFL     Tyfocor LS Anti-freeze - Vacuum tube


1m Stainless Flexi pipe

Every Firebird solar kit includes two 1m stainless steel flexi pipes which are connected to the flow and return side of the collector array. The flexible pipe saves the installer having to make complicated pipe bends through the roof of the house. Fittings are included to connect the pipe to the solar collectors.

Sales Codes:
SOL402FPP                              1m Flexi pipe
SOL001ELB & SOL001FEM    Fittings for Flat plate
SOL075ELB & SOL075TAP     Fittings for Vacuum tube




Pipe flashing

The pipe flashings provide a tidy solution for passing solar flow and return pipes through the house roof.

Sales Codes:
SOL509TRF       Pipe flashing; Tiled roof
SOL510SRF       Pipe flashing; Slate roof

Pipe flashing, tile roof

Pipe flashing, slate roof

Solar Covers

Much like a car engine, solar collectors rely on the glycol/water anti-freeze mix to prevent them from overheating and getting damaged. If solar collectors are installed on a roof before the systems has been commissioned with the glycol/water anti-freeze then they must be protect from sunlight. The Firebird solar covers have a special UV protection to prevent the panels from overheating.

Sales Codes:
SOL514FPC    Solar Cover - Flat Plate
SOL515VTC    Solar Cover -Vacuum Tube

Solar weather proof cover