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Biomass Boilers



The Firebird Bio-Tec wood gasification boiler represents the very latest in high-efficiency wood burning. Built to Firebird exacting standards the Bio-Tec can deliver central heating and hot water to domestic homes or small commercial premises with the minimum of effort and cleaning. 



 How does it work?


Gasification is achieved in wood burning when gases released from the combusting wood are mixed with a regulated supply of oxygen to create a complete oxidation process.

This results in extremely high combustion efficencies and minimal of ash waste.

What fuels can I burn?
Only wood or wood briquettes with a maximum humidity of 20% can be burnt in the Bio-Tec boiler. And the lower the humidity the better the combustion efficiency.


Key features:

High efficiency

Due to the gasification process and unique heat exchanger design the Bio-tec achieves extremely high efficiencies; up to 91% on some models. So even if your wood comes for free you’ll be storing and burning a lot less than with a traditional wood-burning boiler, stove or range.

Easy to load
The large combustion chamber and access door means that logs up to 500 mm in length can be used on standard domestic boilers. Log sizes of up to 700mm and 930mm can be used on higher capacity models.

Simple to start
All you’ll need to start the Bio-Tec is a fire lighter and some light sticks. The Bio-Tec controller manages the rest of the start-up procedure making sure that the fire builds up as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Minimum of cleaning
In wood gasification most of the wood is combusted so that very little ash remains in the combustion chamber or flue. If the boiler ran at full power continuously it would only need to be cleaned every three to four days. In most cases the boiler will only be fired-up every few days so that cleaning will only be required every few weeks

 Bio-tec open doors
Modern, user-friendly controller 
The Bio-Tec boiler comes with an easy-to-use controller which manages the complete combustion process and regulates supply to the central heating system and hot water storage tank. An LCD screen on the controller displays key system information. 


Schematic for Open-vented System

Below are suggested schematic diagrams for Bio-Tec boiler installations in open vented heating systems.

Open central heating system for Bio Tec boiler 




Bio-Tec 35 Gasification Boiler

Key boiler specifications are;


Rated thermal output



Boiler water content



Boiler weight



Max volume of wood



Max. length of the log



Flue diameter












Sales Code: WGB035BLR


CAS 2000 Accumulation tank 

An accumulation tank must always be used in conjunction
with the Bio-Tec wood gasification boiler to allow the boiler
to operate in the most efficient manner.

The official recommended sizing of accumulation tanks for
solid fuel heating is a minimum of 50 liters of water storage
for every 1 kW of rated boiler output. Hence for a 35kW
boiler a minimum accumulation tank size of 1750 litres is
need. To provide an additional safety level Firebird will be
supplying a 2000 litre accumulation tank with the 35kW
Bio-Tec boiler.

The Firebird CAS 2000 Accumulation Tank has been
engineered to ensure highly efficient storage of the boilers
thermal energy with the minimum of heat loss.




2000 litres

Outer Diameter

1275 mm

Total Height

2490 mm

Min room height required

2570 mm

Connections (flow & return)

 1 ½ “

Drain Connection

1 “

Max Operating Pressure

3 Bar

Max. Operation Temperature

100 ºC

Thermal Insulation

80 mm

Weight (empty)

265 Kg

Sales Code: WGB200TNK


CAS 2000 tank


An insulated flue must be used on conjunction with the
Bio-Tec boiler. It must have a m
inimum inner diameter
of 200mm (8”) and flue height should be per the chart shown.

Sales Code: WGB200KIT

     Bio-Tec 200mm Flue Kit
Thermal Safety Valve

For an unvented (presurised) system a thermal
safety value must be installed

Sales Code: WGB000TSV

Thermal safety valve
Wood Moisture Meter

A handy device for check that the moisture content of your timber is around 20%

Sales Code: WGB000WMM

Moisture Meter

Pump charging unit to ensure efficient loading of the accumulation tank.

Sales Code: WGB000PCS