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Kerry Allstar does a solar run with FIREBIRD


Seamus Scanlon is well known for his successes with Currow and of course as one of Kerry’s
great midfield players.  For the past nine years he has been working alongside Alan O’Sullivan,
one of Kerry’s leading General Heating and Plumbing Contractors based in Ardfert and have
just celebrated their 10th year in business.  Seamus sees that more people are moving towards Solar Heating Systems.  Due to the advanced  technology and direct saving from installing Solar Systems in their homes and businesses, which are not only good for the environment but save people money when you compare it against the cost of oil, in the long term.

Firebird Solar Panels

“In our business we have tried out a number of different systems, but have settled on FIREBIRD solar panels as we genuinely see them as a brand you can really trust.  Once we install a FIREBIRD system, we know we will have no comebacks and they are virtually maintenance free.  All our customers need to do is organise a check-up once every three years to keep the system working optimally.”

Alan O’Sullivan is an approved Firebird renewable installer. 

To find out more about the Firebird approved renewable solar installer scheme contact Firebird on 026 45253