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Firebird launch OFTEC Boiler Passport Scheme


In recent months we have started to include an OFTEC co-ordinated “Boiler Passport” booklet with every boiler shipped from our factory.


This passport will stay with the boiler, much like a car’s service log book. The commissioning cert page is on multipart carbon paper, and one copy must be returned to Firebird in the enclosed prepaid envelope within 10 days. Alternatively you may wish to register the boiler commission cert here on our website. Click on this link to register your boiler…


The Boiler Passport is an industry-wide scheme which Firebird fully supports.  It will have a positive impact for all in the oil heating industry as it will help ensure that all boilers are properly commissioned and that Firebird will have the necessary commissioning documentation required for our warranty programme.  Furthermore the scheme will improve the efficiency and reliability of the new boiler installation for the home owner.

Click on the icon to download OFTEC Boiler Passport Form