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Oil Boilers



Oil Central Heating

Firebird is a leading
manufacturer of high efficiency
oil-fired boilers.

Firebird condensing boilers are amongst the most efficient oil boilers in the world and can reduce your home heating bills by up to 25%. 

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Solar Panels


With solar hot water heating you can get up to 70% of your hot water for free. Firebird offers an extensive choice of solar systems.

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Oil Fired Cookers


Cast iron Condensing Oil Cooker.  Live models on display at our Factory in Cork.

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Biomass Boilers


Biomass Boilers

It's green; it's clean and its free (if you're got your own timber). Click here to find out more about the very latest in bio-mass technology.

Firebird Ireland only sell our product through our approved distributors and do not sell directly. Please contact a distributor in your area with any sales enquiries.
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